"They are very patient and careful. By talking to them like friends, they came up with great ideas to polish my personal statements! They reply fast when I have any questions, and finally, I got admitted by my dream school"!
-Liu Ja (PhD Material Science)

"Thank you Eric, you helped me explain who I am better than I ever could"!
-Zhang Yi (Ba Women's Studies)

"The University told me that that my essay was the best this year and offered me a placement. Thanks Eric and Echo"!
-Zhou Ling (Masters of Marketing)

"Four universities offered me full scholarships! You are the best thing that ever happened to me".
-Wen Zhi Chan (PhD CS)

"Echo, Eric, thank you so much for helping me get into Oxford".
-Yu yu (PhD Higher Education Development)

"The writing quality is fantastic, more importantly they focus a lot on my personal experience, and kept asking questions to help me reflect myself and distinguished some shining points that I never thought of. Also they helped me to develop a more positive view of the work I will be doing to help other people. Looking forward to my new learning journey".
-Lingwen Li (Economics for Transition)

"Echo is so patient and professional in our conversation, a person who loves to talk to. Eric's voice sounds like audio host, and his writing is so high quality that even I am an English major student I feel lucky to have him edit my materials before I submit them".
-Zhang Fang (MA English literature)

"When I got the first draft, I am already happy with it, compared to my original one which was written by an agent, Eric made it jump two levels higher, it's much clearer and touching now. More than that, they still insist on doing more editing after the first draft. Definitely recommend to all people who need this service."
-Liang Ye (MBA)